Key Event Coaching.

Helping founders and CEOs become natural communicators who exude confidence and authenticity, knowing they’re ready to impress and inspire their audiences.

You are a founder. The CEO of a venture-backed technology startup. Or a member of the leadership team of an established brand. Demands on your time and leadership increase every day. So does the expectation that you perform and deliver on set business objectives. Little can be more crucial to your success as a leader and that of your company than being on your A-game in high-stakes communications with stakeholders.

Imagine you are about to present to a group of stakeholders. Maybe you’re pitching potential investors, announcing a new product at a corporate event, aligning employees in post-merger integration, or championing your brand to win over new partners. It’s a pivotal moment for any CEO. And you know if you do well, you inspire your audience. You connect and instill confidence in your leadership and vision. You create this WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER moment that turns investing, promoting your brand, or aligning around your new way of doing business into a no-brainer. On the flip side, if you falter, you know you’ll be back to square one, having blown an important opportunity. Are you prepared to handle a critical event like this on your own?

I work with clients like you to help them master the WHAT and HOW of high-stakes communications. Issues I typically address include:

• Finessing your story and presentation.
• Helping you deliver effective messages in high-stress situations.
• Improving your executive presence.
• Increasing your self-confidence.

Every coaching session or workshop aims to help you become a natural communicator who’s on top of his game, even when the stakes are high


  • Pitching Bootcamps (online).
  • Key Event Coaching (onsite and online).
  • Workshops (onsite and online).



Align stakeholders. Accelerate growth.

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