Strategic Narrative.

Unlock the power of storytelling by crafting a strategic narrative that shapes your story and gets your audience to embrace your vision and follow you.

Persuasion. Arguably, one of the most crucial and decisive of all business activities. As a founder or CEO, you know what it feels like to be at the forefront of convincing customers to buy your product, fellow team members and employees to align around a new strategy, investors to back your next round of financing, and prospective partners to sign the next deal. You know it’s crucial to communicate your company’s story and vision effectively, and you’re prepared to do whatever it takes to deliver on set business objectives. And yet, storytelling couldn’t be further from your mind.

But storytelling has always been central to human culture. For millennia, it’s how we entertain, connect, and share experiences. And even today, as audiences are quick to tune out of any messaging, storytelling is a powerful tool to cut through the noise and be heard.

The same is true for strategic narratives. A strategic narrative is just a special kind of story. A story that tells who you are as a company and where you are going. Naturally, this is the place for you as the CEO to shine, but engaging customers, employees, and investors and turning them into kindred spirits often remains little more than wishful thinking.

In my work, I draw on the timeless power of storytelling to help you craft a strategic narrative that drives results in your strategy setting, hiring top talent, marketing, sales, and fundraising initiatives. The secret sauce that makes it all work is aligning stakeholders around a shared purpose and inspired belief, giving you a clear edge over conveying data, rational, and quantitative analysis alone.

Build a brand with unique DNA.

Share your values, mission, and goals to shape an organization that is truly unique and thus, connects with customers, investors, and other stakeholders.

Maximize internal effectiveness.

Employ a compelling strategic narrative to create a sense of purpose and shared belief to motivate team members and help them align around your mission.

Increase brand awareness.

Brand communication using a compelling strategic narrative is up to 8 times more memorable than that without.

Unlock financial upside potential.

Organizations using a well-told strategic narrative can outperform their competitors in terms of stock price by a factor of 12 and have a 750x higher profit performance ratio.

So, whether you require a business plan for an innovative technology startup, a pitch deck to help your venture-backed scaleup raise later-round financing, or the company sections for a prospectus, I’ll help you shape your story so audiences embrace your vision and follow you.


  • Business Planning & Modelling.
  • Pitch Decks & Roadshows.
  • Prospectuses, Regulatory Filings, Reporting.
  • Marketing & Sales Collateral.
  • Stakeholder Management.



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